Epic Birding Tours to Colombia

Icaro Birding tours to Colombia are inspiring, well thought out and flawlessly implemented for you to have a an up-close-and-personal experience with the best of Colombia's bird diversity and breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you are an experienced world traveler or are just thinking about your first birding trip overseas, let us worry with all the backstage heavy-lifting logistics and you focus on having a birding adventure of a lifetime. Our birding tours to Colombia are beautiful, inspiring, provocative, comfortable and safe. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start traveling. Travel now, travel often and travel with Icaro Birding!

The website presents you with a defined set of tours' itineraries and dates. However, we are also open to organizing customized birding tours to Colombia around your own preferences and expectations.

  • Do you want a private photo tour for you and your birding friends and family? Sure thing.
  • Are you after a specific set of lifers, your nemesis bird, or a sheer number of species? We have you covered.
  • Do you want to combine birding with a little culture, history and sightseeing? Talk to us!

Top 5 reasons
to come on a birding tour to Colombia


  1. A birding tour to Colombia will introduce you to the almost 2,000 bird species that call Colombia home — that's almost 20% of all bird species on earth!
  2. Colombia’s incredible bird diversity includes 78 endemics, 158 hummingbirds, 207 flycatchers and 141 tanagers. Colombia has 12 times more endemics than Costa Rica.
  3. After many years of internal violence and civil war, a peace agreement with the guerrilla of FARC is being implemented. For the most part, it is safe to travel to rural areas for birding in Colombia.
  4. People in Colombia are regarded as super friendly and willing to help. You will most likely find a warm smile anywhere you go!
  5. Colombia has adequate infrastructure to make your birding tour safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Our roads are in better shape than those in Ecuador or Peru.

Top 5 reasons
to come birding with Icaro Birding


  1. We make sure your birding experience is great and that local communities receive a direct economic benefit from our birding tours to Colombia.
  2. Icaro Birding has a strong international presence. Our CEO lives in the US and goes birding often with birders just like you. We walk the same paths, listen to your needs, ask for your feedback and then create our tours accordingly.
  3. We support the American Bird Conservancy initiatives by staying in local lodges that are part of their network.
  4. Combine any of our tours with a Santa Marta Endemics extension and save $1,100!
  5. We offer more convenient ways to pay than any other operator, from direct bank deposit to a Chase account, sending a check to paying with a credit card or PayPal. Your transaction fee is always $0.

Icaro Epic Birding Tours to Colombia

A Bigger than Life Experience


Epic Andes Birding Tour

Birding Tours to Colombia

Our signature 12-day Epic Andes birding tour to Colombia will take you on the birding trip of a lifetime. Birding the Cauca Valley (home to 900 bird species) and sections of the Western and Central Andes Cordillera including the almighty Montezuma Peak (most endemics in the Americas) will set you for a birding treat. Main highlight species for the Epic Andes Birding Tour include: (E) Multicolored Tanager, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, (NE) Golden-chested Tanager, (NE) Choco Toucan, (E) Gold-ringed Tanager, (E) Black-and-gold Tanager, (E) endangered Cauca Guan, (E) Buffy Helmetcrest, and (E) Rufous-fronted Parakeet.

TRIP LENGTH: 12 days
NEXT TOUR DATES: *June 15-26* and *December 7-18*
2021 TOUR DATES: *January 10-21* and upon request 
ARRIVES IN: Cali, Colombia
LEVEL: All levels of expertise welcome!
BIRDING GOAL: Over 450 bird species including up to 40 endemics
SPECIAL OFFER: Mix and Match with a Santa Marta Endemics tour extension and save $1,100!

Santa Marta Endemics

Birding tours to Colombia

SPECIAL OFFER: Mix and Match with our Epic Andes or Magdalena Valley of Magic birding tours and save $1,100!

The Santa Marta mountains are an isolated mountain range separated from the Andes Cordillera by a wide valley, resulting in a hotbed for endemic species. The main route to access these endemic species is a road that leads from the small town of Minca (located at ~2,000 ft. elevation) to Cerro Kennedy (~7,700 ft.) at the top of the San Lorenzo Ridge. Within this relatively short distance it is possible to observe up to 19 endemic bird species, including (E) Santa Marta Antpitta, (E) Santa Marta Warbler, (E) Santa Marta Parakeet, (E) White-tailed Starfrontlet , (E) Rusty-headed Spinetail, (E) Brown-rumped Tapaculo, (E) Bangs Wood-wren, (E) Santa Marta Bush-tyrant, (E) Santa Marta Wood-Wren, (E) Yellow-crowned Whitestart, (E) Santa Marta Mountain-tanager, and (E) Black-backed Thornbill

TRIP LENGTH: 7 days as a stand-alone tour
BEST TIMES: Mid-October to end of March
TOUR DATES: At the end of each Epic Andes and Magdalena Valley birding tours and *Upon Request*
ARRIVES IN:  Barranquilla, Colombia
LEVEL: Adventure but Comfortable
BIRDING GOAL: Many endemics and range-restricted bird species

Magdalena Valley of Magic Tour

Birding tours to Colombia

Bundle-up this beautiful 15-day birding tour to the heart of Colombia with a 7-day Santa Marta Endemics Tour and save $1,100

We’ll be birding in the majestic Magdalena Valley that divides the Central and Eastern Andes Cordillera in search for some of the most iconic bird species in Colombia, including the endemics White-mantled Barbet, Beautiful Woodpecker, Antioquia Bristle-Tyrant, Chestnut-capped Piha and Blue-billed Curassow.

This birding tour includes visiting two of the protected Nature Reserves supported by the American Bird Conservancy.

TRIP LENGTH: 15 days
NEXT TOUR DATES: *August 3-17, 2020* and *January 11-25, 2021*
ARRIVES IN: Bogotá, Colombia.
LEVEL: An inch more hardcore and off-the-beaten-path than Epic Andes Birding Tour
BIRDING GOAL: Over 500 species. Around 40 endemics.

Hummingbird Celebration

Birding Tours to Colombia

Colombia has over 150 Hummingbird species recorded or almost 50% of all the world species!. Birding along renowned hummingbird bander Nancy Newfield, ‘The Hummingbird Lady from Louisiana’ we will explore some incredible habitats along Colombia's 3 branches of the Andes Cordillera hoping to see about 50-60 of these extraordinary birds. Some highlights on this expedition include (E) Indigo-capped Hummingbird, (E) Buffy Helmetcrest, (E) Green-bearded Helmetcrest, (E) Black Inca, (E) White-tailed Starfrontlet, (E) Black-backed Thornbill among others. Combine this tour with a Santa Marta Endemics extension to get up to 70-80 hummingbird species.

TRIP LENGTH: 17 days with a Santa Marta Endemics extension
NEXT DATES: *Private tour upon request*
ARRIVES IN: Bogotá, Colombia
LEVEL: Comfortable and relax for the most part
BIRDING GOAL: Up to 60 hummingbird species, and around 10 more with the Santa Marta Endemics extension. Overall 350 bird species including some +30 endemics
birding big day colombia tour

Johnnier Arango

Tour Leader

Johnnier Arango-Bermúdez has been guiding for over 8 years since his beginning as a local guide in the Serranía de los Paraguas and has becoming a national guide in The Andean Birder Initiative with a focus in the Central and Western Andes.

Giovani Ortiz - CEO

Sales and Marketing

Giovani has been wearing many hats lately, taking a lead role in the sales and marketing activities for the Epic Birding Tour to Colombia. He has over 6 years of experience supporting entrepreneurial activity in Michigan and Louisiana. He is actively learning his way into birdwatching in the swamps of Louisiana.

Juan Manuel Cardona

Birding guide

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