Why joining Icaro Birding as your trusted birding tour?

Icaro Birding's unique approach to successful birding is twofold: 1) We build super-local partnerships with Colombian-based tour operators and bilingual birding guides who know exactly where to find and how to attract all the interesting bird species. 2) We are a startup with a global mindset and a permanent presence in the US. Giovani, our CEO, spends most of his time in Louisiana, birding the swamps, bayous and wilderness with the local birding club. We understand what makes a birder tick, and apply that experience to crafting tailor-made tours with you in mind.

Top 8 reasons for birding with us

1. We build strong relationships with the communities we serve, including local logistics operators and birding guides to make sure that your birding experience is epic and that communities receive a direct economic benefit from our tours.

2. Icaro Birding has a strong international presence in the US. We are part of local birding clubs and go birding with people like you often. We listen to your needs, ask for your feedback, and craft our tours accordingly.

3. We are 100% committed to preservation initiatives. As soon as our operation takes off, we will commit a percentage of profits to local bird preservation initiatives.

4. We are very price-sensitive and competitive compared to most other tour operations in the market. You can expect our tours to be up to $1,000 cheaper for the same birding experience and with a lot more local flavor.

5. We give away "perks" like nobody else in the industry (stay tuned!).

6. We have a 10% "early bird" discount for booking our signature Epic Birding Tour before June 30th. Understanding your personal preferences, we have built a lean and flexible operation. Despite having a set date for our signature tour, we are open to organize a private tour for you and your birding friends at your own schedule—just let us know.

7. Can’t find what you are looking for? Please, please share with us what your specific birding goals and preferences are! We’ll be happy to discuss whether you prefer smaller groups, you are after a specific life bird or your nemesis bird, a specific set of endemics/specialities, or a sheer number of species. Just write your message in the designated box, call us, or send an email.



Our name, Icaro (Icarus in english), comes from Greek mythology. Icaro was the son of Daedalus, a famous craftsman who created the labyrinth, a huge maze located under the court of king Minos of Crete, intended for the confinement of the Minotauros. Daedalus and Icaro were imprisoned in the labyrinth as a way to keep the secret on the whereabouts of the Minotaurus.

Daedalus' only solace from the days of prison was looking at the birds flying high above in the sky. This also gave him an idea to escape. He crafted two sets of wings out of feathers, a wooden frame, and wax. He warned Icaro not no fly too close to the sun, as the wax could melt and he would fall. Once they set themselves free, Icaro could not help himself. He kept flying higher and higher until his wings melted, and he fell and drawn into the ocean.

For us, Icaro represents the ultimate, bigger-than-life aspiration to escape from our normal lives—from all the earthly things that make us prisoners of our own times—and escape into the infinite freedom of flying. It's an aspiration that we get closer to realizing by birding, and an open invitation for you to come and fly with us through our epic birding tours to Colombia.


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