Johnnier Arango


The Serranía de los Paraguas beyond the Colombian western andes is the place where Johnnier has been cultivating his passion for birds and nature conservancy. This region is also the place where is based the local NGO Serraniagua, a community farmers association where he learned about nature conservation strategies, agroecology, environmental education, sustainable use of natural resources, and of course, birds! He complements his job as a birding guide with biologic research activities, photography, graphic design and social initiatives, all this as volunteer in Serraniagua. Johnnier has been guiding for over 8 years since his beginning as a local guide in the Serranía de los Paraguas and has becoming a national guide with a focus in the Central and Western Andes, where has worked as a field ornithologist in researching projects.


Giovani has been wearing many different hats lately. Taking a lead sales and marketing role on his new Icaro Birding venture, while learning as much as he can about the world of birding and the people involved. You will find him most likely birding with the local group in New Orleans these days. Giovani holds an MBA from Eastern Michigan University and has 6 years experience supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and programs in the state of Michigan

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Giovani Ortiz

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